Protech’s partner Colussi Ermes is a global leader in the design and production of washing machines for the food industry, having produced over 5000 machines worldwide. Knowledge, research and experience have all contributed to making sure that the company, has become specialised not only in the meat, dairy, confectionery, fruit & vegetables, poultry and fishery sectors but also in more complex fields such as the pharmaceutical, hospital, logistics and automotive sectors.

Innovative design, rounded shapes, accurate details, high efficiency and ongoing research for perfection in order to achieve the absolute hygiene. A modern and active brand, showing an incomparable capability of addressing a constantly changing market. Many values such as innovation and organization to guarantee competitiveness, flexibility and quality for environmental protection. Colussi Ermes has always been a synonym of excellence in industrial washing.

Colussi Ermes is a company which exports all over the world in many countries. Spain, Germany, Australia and North America are the markets where we always reach the most important sales targets.


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