About Us

The Protech Group of Companies was founded in 1983 and has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, medical and architectural industries and has a long-standing reputation for engineering design and quality in manufacture of bespoke machinery.

Specialising in Cooking, Smoking, Processing Equipment, Food Forming, Conveying, Personnel Hygiene, Product Handling and Advance Washing Machines. It has formed business alliances with the companies; Fessmann, Adfood and Colussi Ermes to provide a product portfolio not seen elsewhere in the industry.

Working to recognised ISO & BSI standards we are responsible for full product management, design, construction and implementation of systems and provide the innovation and skills set to meet your exacting demands and specification. Couples with an unrivalled care of sales, installation, spare parts, and service and equipment refurbishment this refreshing approach is guaranteed to provide the best all round solution available.

Established in 1983 the Protech Group of Companies hold the same customer values as they did at the start.


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