Fessmann Autovent System


The Fessmann Autovent is a steam cooker with no turbines.

The Autovent 3000 is a unique steam cooker producing evenly cooked product without the need for circulating turbines.
Steam is circulated by being injected into the cabinet through patented conical nozzles; this increases the steam velocity, creating high turbulence within the cabinet.


- No turbines, therefore competitively priced
- Requires no expensive three phase electrical installation
- Significant reduction of electricity consumption
- Virtually maintenance free
- Very quite when in operation
- Equal temperature distribution +/- 1⁰C
- Shorter processing times than cookers with turbines
- Available in modules of 1 6 racks
- Rear door option for high care low care segregation
- Cooling shower option

Cooking in a Fessmann Autovent batch system and Cooking in a water bath system.

-  Time:
The cycle time overall in a Fessmann Autovent batch system will be faster as the racks can be quickly loaded without the need of a crane.

- Yield:

The Fessmann Autovent batch system uses fully saturated steam therefore there will be no difference in yield in comparison with a water bath cooker and if a step cook is used the yield will be better in a Fessmann batch cooker.

- Product quality:
In a water bath system the temperature is constant where as a Fessmann batch system can be programmed to step cook or Delta-T cook which is much more flexible and less aggressive on the product.

- Reliability:
In a Fessmann Autovent batch system the only moving part is the steam control valve making the system virtually maintenance free.

- Running costs:
Water bath cookers use large volumes of water which end up going to drain were as Fessmann Autovent batch cookers use steam from an efficient steam boiler.

- Floor space:
Water bath cookers take up far more floor space than batch cookers

- Cost:
The cost of Fessmann batch cookers will be a fraction of the cost of a water bath system.