Brown Brothers clean with Colussi Rack Washer


Brown Brothers as a group produce an extensive range of high quality cooked and sliced meats with the original member based in Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire, operating from a 120,000 sq ft bespoke factory which has planning permission for another 80,000 sq ft.

Brown Brothers have their own in house New Product Development teams who are dedicated to the innovation and development of exciting new products with product safety critical to their manufacturing operation.

As a recognized BRC approved site which verifies challenging systems of due diligence and traceability, they are able to ensure absolute quality and consistency of their products. They are extremely proud of their Scottish heritage and their Tarbert Fine range utilizes Scotch Beef, Specially Selected Pork and Specially Selected Ham labels to represent Quality Meat and Scotland's stringent farm and processor assurance scheme standards.

Browns make it their business to build strong working relationships with their suppliers and have developed a good balance between global and national suppliers one of which being Protech Food Systems based in Bedfordshire, England.

When Brown Brothers expressed an interest in rack washing the Protech Group made it their business to fully understand the requirement and offer Colussi equipment as the solution to fit the high standards required. At the invitation of Protech, Mr Lee Godfrey, Production Director of the Group traveled to the IFFA exhibition in Germany to see Colussi and also visited many other production sites before making his mind up.

During interview Mr Godfrey tells us:

 "294rackwasher.jpgThe decision to purchase a Colussi Double Rack Washer was not taken lightly as we spent a lot of time and money investigating the global marketplace trying to find the right machine for our job and with the help of our friends at Protech we found a superb solution." 

"In a cooked meat business like ours it is very difficult to clean large stainless steel racks to the standards we require, especially after they have been subjected to high temperatures in a cooking oven. Protein sticks like glue and carbonizes very quickly, it becomes ingrained and bakes hard onto the surface of the rack. If not dealt with on a continual basis the rack soon becomes very discolored and is almost impossible to clean without the use of abrasive chemical, power lances and an awful lot of man power."

"We are also on the lookout to reduce our water consumption as we appreciate that water is no longer a commonplace resource but more of a precious commodity. The cost to purchase and then dispose of water is very substantial these days and at Brown Brothers we pay particular attention to this element of the business."

"Our thorough investigation into consumption figures gave us the confidence to go ahead with the Colussi purchase as the machine would use water and detergent in an extremely efficient manner."

"We are delighted that our capital investment has given us a machine of exceptional quality and one in which we totally trust to do our job. We clean every rack in between each cook cycle to an exact standard set by the business, with the wash cycle logged and monitored in a secure QA process that we are able to repeat time and time again."

"Colussi designed a machine to comply with our business requirement and we chose to go with a fully insulated unit to reduce heat load into our production facility and at the same time benefit our employees with reduced operational noise levels in and around the machine. The machine has no hidden dirt crevices and all internal corners are bull nosed. Our hygiene crews spend minimal time cleaning the machine as it is so easy to work with and maintain."