Fessmann Autovent System

The Fessmann Autovent is a steam cooker with no turbines. The Autovent 3000 is a unique steam cooker producing evenly cooked product without the need for circulating turbines. Steam is circulated by being injected into the cabinet through patented conical nozzles; this increases the steam velocity, creating high turbulence within the cabinet.
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Rowan Foods install second Browning Machine using Heraeus and Protech's expertise.

Carbon infra-red (CIR) emitters from Heraeus Noblelight form an essential component of an industrial browning machine designed by Protech on a food production line at Rowan Foods Ltd.
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A warm welcome to our new partner FESSMANN.

Protech is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Fessmann, leading specialists in food processing technologies. See why we chose Fessmann and get familiar with their product range.
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Automatic Octobin Tipping System

After seeing the design and build quality of a range of our products, but in particular the DT1300 Dolav tipper, we were approached by our customer to design and build them a tipper to automatically tip product from a Octobin type container.
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Protech finishes full factory solution

After 6 months of planning, design, build and testing we have now completed the installation and commissioning of a full conveying solution into a large process operation.
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Probrown popularity growing by the day

Popularity for this line of products has soared over the past 12 months as production operations have seen the efficiency and product consistency benefits this system provides.
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Cranswick Country Foods invest in Protech HC2010 Pack Collators

After purchasing Colussi Ermes rack washer, Cranswick Country Foods move forward with Protech HC2010 Pack Collators. The final decision to purchase our equipment was the result of extensive trial and ultimate decision was made due to preferred simplistic functionality of the Protech equipment over and above others.
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Brown Brothers clean with Colussi Rack Washer

After time spent investigating the global marketplace to find the right machine for their job, Brown Brothers turn to Protech for an efficient solution and purchase a Colussi Ermes Rack Washer that will comply with their business requirement. They are also delighted with their capital investment into machine with exceptional quality.
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