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Oil Industry & ATEX

Protech designs and manufactures specialist products for the Oil industry like industrial boot dryers suitable for oil rigs.

Since 1983, our company has looked to provide simple solutions to everyday work problems by keeping personnel better prepared to face the working day.

Many industrial engineers tell us “there is nothing worse than placing your foot into a very wet boot after the previous shift, even when the boots have been left in a warm room overnight!" 

Our unique and well proven system solves the problem of drying and sterilizing the inside of rigger and other types of safety footwear and at the request of QHSE officers worldwide, many units have been successfully installed on oil rigs and ocean going vessels.

Reductions in foot sore complaints and general foot fungal problems are reported, which in turn has led to significant savings in medical treatment and work/hour downtime commonly attributed to personnel wearing damp and wet footwear.

Electrically heated by means of two 1000W elements with a fan unit of 0.05kW and a germicidal lamp of 9W, our units are capable of holding 15 or 30 pairs of any type of industrial boot.

Fitted with a thermostat control to provide accurate drying temperature the heated air will only flow through the retainer stems when the footwear is hung from them. This unique feature saves energy and ensures that the controlled environment is maintained.  

Machine as standard conforms to regulation 2006/42/EC ENISO 13849-1