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Forming Moulds

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The Protech Food Systems range of meat forming moulds is as wide as you would expect from one of the leaders in this field.
Protech forming moulds are built stronger to last longer, yet being British-made, their price is keenly competitive, and the range includes designs for just about every existing ham press.


Protech Food Systems' range of meat moulds are constructed in 2mm food quality 304 or 316 stainless steel. Naturally, all cooking moulds are crevice-free for durability, ease of ejection and easy cleaning, and can be constructed in other grades of material too, to suit specific applications. Ham pots and moulds also benefit from the full Protech treatment ,and are fabricated from stainless steel to give better heat transfer than the more common aluminium, as well as increases in economy, hygiene, and cooking yields.
Not only can they be constructed to almost any shape, but they can also be fully refurbished.


CE Criteria: 93/68/EEC
Food Contact: 1935/2004/EEC


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