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What makes our bins different to others?

Our bins have an 20mm handle welded flush with the top to improve the ergonomics. This also optimises space in warehouses and cold rooms. (available without a handle). The top rim is constructed from a stainless steel solid bar, fully welded guaranteeing maximum strength, and the highest hygiene standards.
The bottom of the bin is 3mm thick, and is reinforced by a 'V' support. The support gives strength to the bottom and to the wheels.
Our bins are extremely easy to handle and turn on their centre with little effort.


Various capacities
Heavy duty
Easy Handling
Suitable for all bin hoists
Solid bar rim, fully welded (Not rolled)
Reinforced base
200 litre= TOT5124
200 litre Perforated= TOT22790
250 litre= TOT3781
300 litre= TOT24541
350 litre= TOT3782
500 litre= TOT3783


CE Criteria: 93/68/EEC
Food Contact: 1935/2004/EEC


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