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Fessmann Systems


Continuous production for cellulose, natural and collagen casings.

Whether you wish to smoke, cook, bake or cool − FESSMANN has the correct system for each job. Thanks to the modular construction, the system adapts itself flexibly to your operating size. And with many well thought out details and a choice between stand-alone or central units, the system can be combined to suit your own exact requirements.


Continuous production for cellulose, natural and collagen casings.

Flexible continuous production for all casing types
Manual loading with all kinds of stuffers
Rinsing product surface before production
Drying with highest uniformity
Wooden chip smoke generator for best flavor and taste
Continuous production with natural smoke
TRANS.CON - touch controller for easy programming settings
Process documentation software
Steam cooking
Catwalk foe easy maintenance during production
Showering with ice water, tap water or brine
Ice water and brine filter system for hygienic circuit system
Irrigation cooler with high efficiency and hygienic design
Stick return belt
CIP cleaning system for highest hygiene requests


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