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Fessmann Cooking

Fessmann holds great technical expertise with a unique industry perspective. The systems Fessmann have to offer are the direct result of quality, technological excellence, continuous development and enhancements. Fessmann provides cutting-edge high Ėtech systems for food processing industry.

Fessmann systems are designed for smoking, cooking, roasting and baking, for maturing, cooling and conditioning.

Fessmann offers sophisticated smoke generators. These smoking systems are distinctive with their adjustable smoke intensity levels and quick smoking times. The integrated FOOD.CON smart control system monitors multiple processes. The cooking and roasting processes exhibit system operation accuracy resulting in perfect product quality. Both methods are exceptional due to inbuilt Autovent or RotathermCarat unique processing systems. The production times are significantly reduced whilst ensuring substantial energy and cost savings.

Fessmann intensive cooling system opens a choice of water, air, brine cooling or a combination in a single work cycle.

Depending on your needs and specifications Fessmann offers full process systems that combine different forms of food processing required. Automated processes increase production capacities and lower operating costs.

Fessmannís comprehensive approach ensures success in food quality, taste and form consistency thus offering unique taste experience. Fessmannís technology secures a minimal weight loss in smoking, cooking, roasting and baking processes hence maximising cost-effectiveness. The optimum insulation and fast process times ensure energy efficiency; failure robustness and low-maintenance systems guarantee lasting service. The combination of latest production control advancements installed in the equipment ensures quality, flexibility and ultimate process reliability.